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Frequently asked questions



What is Emilum?

Emilum is a manufacturer for premium LED products in the business-to-business section (B2B). The range of products includes LED drivers, luminaires, power supplies and accessories. The Emilum Shop offers our customers direct accessibility to all of your products. The "Made in Austria" concept of Emilum includes high quality products and consultancy. Our focus on long-term success is mirrored in our customer relationships and the responsible use of scarce natural resources. Our employees are the heart of our brand and embody our beliefs towards being a competent partner for the needs of our customers.

How do I register on Emilum.com?

The following link will lead you to the registration.

For the registration you will need your company´s data. The name of the company, UID, address, country, e-mail and a personal password are necessary for registration. The password can be changed subsequently.

Which advantages do I have by registering?

The registration on Emilum.com enables price reductions on list prices of the online shop for you as company. This way the end consumer tends to pay the same price no matter how he or she acquires the product. In addition you company´s order frequency and quantity is saved in our customer database for customized price reductions according to the products you buy.

How do I subscribe to or cancel the Emilum newsletter?

Newsletter subscription can be found in the right bottom corner of the Emilum homepage. All which is required is your e-mail and a personal password. After subscribing for the newsletter you will receive a maximum of 2 e-mails per month. The e-mails can contain special offers, price reductions and information on current developments. To cancel the newsletter, simply use the button for cancellation at the bottom of the newsletter. You are able to re-subscribe at any time.

What happens to my data?

At Emilum your data it treated highly confidential and stored internally. The data is not passed to third parties and not used for purposes other than the Emilum shop or the newsletter if you have subscribed. Customer loyalty is important to us, which is why we use your information for the following purposes only: billing, reminders, newsletters and invitations to customer events. Your data is saved in our customer database.

How can I give you feedback?

The Emilum homepage offers a contact form which can be found here. Simply choose the correct subject and send us your personal feedback. We are always happy to receive constructive criticism as we are eager to improve our customers experience with Emilum. If you have anything you want to tell us concerning the homepage, products, shop or general impressions, please feel free to contact us. Your opinion counts!



How do I purchase Emilum products?

After registering in the Emilum shop, you are able to purchase products in the online shop. The data you have provided is verified by one of our employees after registration and minimizes possible delays for you as our customer. This way we make sure you are able to purchase and receive your products as soon as possible. To purchase our products, different payment options are available to you. After having ordered several times you are offered additional payment options upon agreement, which offer you more flexibility.

How is product availability determined?

The Emilum online shop is connected to our inventory control system. This way you have live insight into current stock and can plan your purchase accordingly. As soon as stock reaches a predetermined minimum, the needed products are remanufactured. This way we reduce out-of-stock situations greatly and ensure product availability and customer satisfaction.

Which payment options do I have at Emilum.com?


How are shipping costs determined?

Shipping costs depend on the weight of the package, destination and warehouse from which the products are sent. Depending on the destination, the warehouse which is closest to our customer is usually chosen. This way we minimize shipping costs for our customers as well as reducing the delivery time. Additionally customers can influence shipping costs by choosing the cheapest method of shipment, usually connected to the time it takes for the package to arrive at its destination.

How are my purchased products protected during transportation?

Emilum products are shipped in single wall corrugated board cartons. These are not only recyclable and environmentally friendly but also ideal for the transportation of light-weight products. To seal the cartons, 50 mm wide Emilum packaging tape is used which can easily be identified by the transporting company and customers by the black and green design. Within the carton, products are protected by bubble wrap.

How do I return products?

If you have not put the product into operation and want to return it, you can simply contact us and return the product. Make sure to protect the product sufficiently (bubble wrap, packing chips) to prevent damage during shipping. If you have put the product into operation and it is non-functional, you have to determine the cause of this malfunction according to our GTCs. Depending on whether the customer or the manufacturer is to blame for the malfunction the product can be reimbursed or returned. Make sure to keep track of how you have been using the product. To find out more about returning products read our GTCs.



How can I receive advice for my project?

Depending on your project you can ask for consultancy on the phone, via e-mail or in a personal appointment with our specialists. Usually one method or combination of consultancy methods is most efficient or preferred by the customer. Questions concerning products can often be answered immediately on the phone. Large projects on the other hand are more time-consuming and therefore one or more appointments are a wise choice. Our 3 step consultancy plan for your LED project is divided into conversation & analysis, planning & realization and the follow-up to make sure you are highly satisfied with the result. For more information visit My LED Project or Contact.

What is included in the consultancy?

Our Emilum consultants accompany you from the first step to the completion of your project and beyond. You have a competent partner who knows where to look and what to look out for. If you have questions they are answered either instantly or our consultant will find out what you want to know. If you seek a personal appointment, just give your consultant a call or write an e-mail. In addition, if you are insecure on how to reach your goal in an efficient way, we eliminate the insecurity through professionalism and commitment.

How much does consultancy cost?

Our consulting is for free. Our customers can call or e-mail us at any time and receive free consultation for complex challenges. We, as a premium manufacturer, are customer-focused and value our customers´ needs and resulting satisfaction.



Which products can be purchased on Emilum.com?

As manufacturer of premium LED products, we develop and manufacture LED drivers, luminaires and flexstrips. The high quality LED power supply units by Mean Well are the only products of a different manufacturer which are sold in the Emilum online shop. Our LED drivers have been optimized to operate with Mean Well power supply units, as they fulfill the requirements we set for our own products. For the product category accessories, semi-finished and finished goods are purchased by Emilum and either assembled by our company or sold directly.

How do I find the right products for my project?

Depending on your goal, different products are suited for optimal results. To reduce expenditure and generally avoid high expenditure, contact our employees for consultancy. Emilum offers free consulting for our customers, so go ahead and give us a call or e-mail us. Contact information can be found here.

How do I use the products?

Emilum products are operated the same way as other commercial products of the same product category. If you have questions concerning our LED drivers, a data sheet is included in every package. The data sheet includes all technical and electronic data you might need to start operating your product and increase its life span. If you have lost you data sheet, you can download it on our website and also use it offline any time you have questions or need additional information concerning your product.

How do I know which power supply to use with my LED driver?

All of the Emilum drivers have been developed and tested with Mean Well power supply units. To find out which ones are compatible with each other, visit the download area of our website and download the compatibility chart. These products are 100% compatible and will ensure a long life span of your LED driver.