Investing in the responsible handling of natural resources is regarded as an investment in the future. In fact, we focus on product optimization to make every product as energy and resource efficient as possible. In addition to enhancing the safety of our LED products we have managed to reduce the materials harmful to the environment significantly.

Daily responsibility.

Sustainability is an important aspect when it comes to having created a company built on trust, customer satisfaction and quality. On the one hand one might assume sustainability in large corporations is doing more with less, whether this is using financial, human or natural capital. On the other hand there is EMILUM. We have created an environment of long-term planning, innovation and creativity in development, design and corporate culture to support a sustainable and responsible approach towards the environment, customers, employees and business partners.

Energy-saving use.

Light emitting diodes and energy-saving bulbs are the most efficient illuminants available to consumers nowadays, although the future of illumination are clearly LEDs.

The lights switch on instantly and generate very little heat in addition to using less energy than traditional bulbs. Considering that EMILUM luminaires have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours of illuminating pleasure without having to change bulbs might let you forget that you are saving money for every hour of use. EMILUM LED luminaires use 85-90 % less energy than traditional light bulbs and 80-85 % less energy than halogen bulbs at the same lighting performance.


EMILUM invests in modern technology to recycle products and reduce the use of environmentally harmful resources. That´s why we choose our business partners carefully. When it comes to recycling our products we solely work with committed companies. We not only do this for the environment but to create awareness among our employees and customers.

We are of the belief that raising consciousness on a matter of general interest is the responsibility of every company.