Premium Illumination.

EMILUM has set new standards for high quality LED manufacturers starting from the choice of components for production in corporation with professional business partners up to the point of extensive consultation of our customers regarding the application area of EMILUM LED products.

Every new development runs through a process of quality management to ensure that laws, requirements and internal procedures are fulfilled. In the prototype-phase of development several simulations are run to test durability and thermal capacity. It is only after passing these tests that the product prototype is built for the first time outside of simulation. Endurance- and safety-tests follow as they are part of the EMILUM requirements towards our premium LED products. After completing and passing all tests, including a variety of additional thermal- and compatibility-tests with LED products from other manufacturers, the products are added to our assortment.


The safety of EMILUM LED products plays an important role when developing new, more efficient, high-performance products. Regardless of how promising a technology in terms of revenue or profit might be, EMILUM does not make use of immature technology at the risk of our customers. When it comes to our products we follow one important rule: safety first. For this reason EMILUM products are tested for thermal capacity, danger to the eyes and hazardousness to health.