History & mile stones

Where we come from.

The brand EMILUM was developed by creating a single word for the two dominant aspects of our company: premium illumination. These words, and therefore our brand, stand for quality, durability and an enlightening future for our customers. The company EMILUM Lighting International GmbH was founded in Mai 2015 with the intention of offering high quality durable LED products.

As the market offers several different solutions to one and the same challenge of putting something in perspective, we wanted to create a solution on which our customers could rely on. The foundation, the company´s know-how, was acquired during countless projects with international customers starting in the year 2000 as well as close relationships to experts nationally. Though it wasn´t before 2015 that the management decided to give the products their own name to distinguish themselves from the vast amount of poor quality products on the market.

Today EMILUM is a growing company in Austria and Germany and has implemented “Made in Austria” as one of its main characteristics. This includes all LED products being developed, designed, tested, assembled and packaged in Austria. In addition to the high standards we set ourselves, EMILUM concentrates on professional consultancy and sustainable management. The people that have made this possible, our employees, are the heart of the company and have created an environment of commitment and creativity.

Future LED.

The existing LED products have been designed to meet customer expectations and needs and will be developed and adapted for future needs. The close cooperation with our customers enables research & development in the most efficient ways. The investment in the company´s core competences paves the way for a bright future.